Funeral Service

We are here to assist

Masjid Zeenatul Islam provides a comprehensive and helpful service to assist with the funeral of both residents and non-residents of the city of Coventry.
When requiring a funeral service, please get in touch with one of the below contacts:

Costs of burial at Lentons Lane Cemetery:

Prices updated 1st January 2022


£ 3,496 Total Price
  • Land - £2,313
  • Interment - £1,183


£ 6,993 Total Price
  • Land - £4,627
  • Interment - £2,366

Costs of burial for a child (under 16) at Lentons Lane Cemetery:

Prices updated 1st January 2022

Resident (Child)

No Charge
  • No charge for all children aged under the age of 16 at the time of death
  • (Max. Coffin 5'6")

Non-Resident (Child)

£ 1,066 Total Price
  • Land - £558
  • Interment - £508
  • (Max. Coffin 5'6")

All services outside of Coventry to be negotiated with the family.
Costs for the below will be offered as a community service. This cost is normally recovered by generous
donations from community members:
• Coffin
• Overnight Storage
• Ghusl
• Kafan
• Coffinless Shuttering
• Transport


If you would like to donate towards the running costs of our funeral and burial service, please click below to see the various ways in which you can make your generous contributions

Alternatively, you can make a payment by Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer directly to the Muslim Burial Committee using the details below:
Muslim Burial Committee
HSBC Bank Plc
Account No: 01834053
Sort Code: 40-18-17