eMasjid Live

eMasjid Live


Masjid Zeenatul Islam, Coventry is now live with eMasjid Live!

From today, programmes including Azaans, Bayaans and announcements will be broadcasted via eMasjid Live – whenever the Masjid analog reciever is on, eMasjid Live will also be on insha’Allah.

The analog receiver will still continue as normal inshaAllah.

The application is free for anyone who wishes to listen to broadcasts. However to receive Live notifications a license must be purchased (£20).

What are the benefits of eMasjid Live?

1. The broadcast will be of excellent audio quality

2. You can listen to direct broadcasts on the go, on any device, as follows:

– Android Devices – via the Free eMasjid Live app – download via the Google Play Store here:

– iPhones/iPad via the Free eMasjid Live app – download via the Apple app store here:

– Online on PC/Mac

3. Recordings will be more readily available for programmes conducted in the Masjid – link as follows:

4. Live Notifications: You can receive notifications when our Masjid is live via the Free Android and iPhone app.
You can also listen on a dedicated home receiver available via eMasjid Live or on your own android device – autoplay licence is required to be purchased to use your own device as a receiver (no licence required to listen if home receiver is purchased).

5. Digital Home Receiver available via emasjidlive.co.uk for high quality audio OR use your own Android device as a receiver by adding the autoplay licence (£20) – Note no licence required for notifications/listening to Masaajid/recordings.

Once the app is installed:
• Allow notifications when asked (iPhone only)
• Select Masjid Zeenatul Islam, Coventry from the channel list
• Add to your favourites by clicking on the star on the Masjid Zeenatul Islam channel page
• Enable notifications for Masjid Zeenatul Islam channel by clicking on the Enable Notifications button on the player page.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Jazakallahu Khairan