Tuesday, December 7th 2021
(3rd Jumada Al Oula 1443)
Sehri End: 6:11 am Iftari: 3:55 pm
Isha Jamaat

7:30 pm

1 Hour(s) 39 Minute(s)
7:00 am
6:17 am
8:02 am
1:00 pm
3:00 pm
3:55 pm
7:30 pm

Jumuah Time – 1:15pm

Welcome to the official website of Masjid Zeenatul Islam, Coventry.

Our masjid provides a number of services for the community alongside 5 daily congregational prayers. Please see below for more information on these services and check out our news page for latest updates and events.

May Allah (S.W.T) accept the humble efforts of all those involved, Ameen

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Madrasah (Islamic Education)

Click here to check our dedicated Madrasah Zeenatul Islam site for more details on term dates, enrolments various other information

Funeral & Burial

We provide a comprehensive funeral and burial service for the community. Click to read more information about this service and how to get in contact


Our masjid runs solely on donations from the community. 

Please continue to help the ongoing running costs of the masjid with your generous donations. Jazakallah 

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